Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Continuing a thought

I am still working over the first of my essays on a particular subject, but it may actually be worth breaking up into two separate essays. as it is now though the secondary topic can be  covered rather succinctly and is  at least tangentially related to the primary topic, so for now at least I will keep them in the same essay. I will run through a few rounds of editing and then I will offer it up to the public.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Welcoming

Welcome to my blog! I am dedicating this page to ideas and thoughts that may be useful to the world. I wish for this website to be a place of open-minded consideration/ I don't expect you to like all of my ideas, and I don't expect all of my ideas to be complete thoughts. They don't have to be though, that is what this page is for. If you wish to point out flaws in any of my thinking then feel free to do so. Just explain why it is you think I am wrong. Please do not simply state that I've made a mistake, tell me what the mistake is. If you don't I'm going to assume that you are a worthless troll and ignore you. You want to change my mind, then please, at least make an effort to do so. I have not yet had time to fully write up one of my essays yet, but I will open the about me section( which is also not in a state of completeness as of yet) so that you might get an idea as to what this blog is going to be like. 
If you find my writing style to your liking, or perhaps you have an intuitive interest in what is being proposed here then feel free to subscribe and come back when I've managed to get my act together.